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March 13, 2011


Faye Lewis

I love your spring/summer projects. This is a lovely dress - eye candy inspiration shall we call it. Your videos just top the whole presentation off. Do you line everything in jetset? I think it is a great idea and will start using it more often myself.


I love this dress!!! It is so cute and flattering on you. A nice piece for the upcoming season.


Super cute, you are such a quick seamstress!


Ahhhh BEAUTIFUL!! I Love that fabric!




You look so cute in this!

Erica B.

Very cute. I like the belt.


Very pretty! I love the fabric.


Very nice... Where did you get the belt? I NEEEEEED one like that!!!!!


Really lovely dress. Just perfect for the summer


Love it You did a beautiful job, as always.


Very nice! It looks perfect with that belt!


this dress puts me in the mood for snow cones lol. this is so cute.


Everything you make looks store bought. I love it with the belt. Very nice.


I like this look. The belt makes it pop.

A Sewn Wardrobe

This dress is in my queue, too. I just love the pattern. I can't believe it hasn't been made more often. Your version is great! I like how you styled it.


I love the dress, on the dressform and on you! I really love the belt -- it "reads" as a solid color from a distance, and up close it's really interesting. My shape is pretty similar to yours, and I think you may have just given me the courage to try a sundress, since yours looks so wonderful!
P.S. I just found your blog through the patternreview.com posting.


So cute ! That fabric print looks good on you.


Ok, I'm beginning to form a "jealous" for Toy. lol I love your dress and the belt! Your sewn items always look store bought. Love it!

Faye Lewis

Think I told you before about my obsession over this dress. I'm borrowing your pictures for my blog, hope you don't mind.

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