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April 06, 2013



Just came upon your blog...very nice! I've nominated you for the Lovely Blog award



I love these videos! LOL They had a great collection this time!


I had that top with the criss cross keyhole back on my list too, I want a couple of those for summer!


I just saw your photos of the New York trip over at Adrienne's blog! How nice was that!!! That looked like a great trip and the food, FABULOUS! I'm envious!!!


I am planning on making 6751 View B as part of my vacation wardrobe. I'm trying to plan it out but, man oh man!, is it hard! I'm in this transition period after baby where my existing summer wardrobe is either too big, too small, or just doesn't travel well. What patterns would you recommend for a mediterranean sea side vacation? I would love your input!

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