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May 11, 2013


Faye Lewis

Thumbs up Toy for such a great looking easy pullover dress. I love it!


The dress looks pretty. That dress has a lot to offer, you can dress it up or down and the floral is right on trend.


Toy, you are really inspiring me to make more dress and this dress is so beautiful on you it is a must have! My only wish is that I look as good as you do in it! I love everything about it down to the lining! One question...looks like you're not having any issue with "gaposis" was that straight out of the pattern or did you make alterations?


Love the fabric choice.
I like the lining, nicely finishes the dress.
You're right this would make a great quick swim suit cover up.


You look so fabulous! Your floral knit is lovely. Dresses are so great for easy wear, don't you agree? Your styling is great, too. Did you use the Jet Set from Joann's for the lining?


You look fantastic Toy!


Flowers are in and this is beautiful!


That dress looks great on you and it's good to know no cami is needed which is often the case with this style. The pattern looks like a winner, I like the look of the other dress and tops that are also included.


Gee, this is pretty. You look lovely in this dress, Toy.


I definitely would want to know where you 'bought' your great dress! :-) Looks great on you!


This dress is lovely. Love your fabric choice as well.

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