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July 21, 2014



I have Julie's Picks (and Vogue by Mail also). I swoon over the samples. It's like being in the store, however, rarely do I actually buy the fabric, maybe once or twice a year. I just looked up a beautiful emerald green and black knit from a Fabric Mart sample but it must have been sold out. I said to myself, oh well, I didn't it anyway. I've started to follow your method by buying fabric to match a pattern that I want to make. It's really saved me time and money and caused me to do some stash busting. Buying beautiful fabric is so addictive though.


Hi Robin, thanks for letting me know what you thought about Julies picks, I just got the August mailer today and I cant wait to sit down and see what it has in it. I am still planning on getting fabric for patterns I have inmy stashlike I need some fabric for a trench style dress Ive had on my mind since earlier this year. Just not trying to do a big haul.

Faye Lewis

I love that Simplicity pattern and was one of the few in the new collection that I was willing to fight over - if the need had presented it's self. Being that there's all kinds of tweed wools in my stash and the fact that there's large pieces of real leather gleaned from a couple of jackets that I found at a thrift store for a very good price - I really anticipate using the pattern early in my fall sewing lineup.


That skirt pattern is SO you! You don't have to make the jacket. The skirt would look great on its own. Especially if you do the leather treatment and exposed zip too. I love making skirts because they come together so quickly and I don't find them hard to fit on myself. I hope you do get around to making it.


I've never subscribed to Julie's picks, but I did have a Vogue Fabrics subscription and I loved it. Though I didn't buy many of their offerings, I liked having the ability to touch the fabric and view their possible pairings.

Thank you for going back to the original comment format. I am not a fan of Disqus and hate not being able to reply to some blog posts.


Hi Lynn, Im always to try something once you know. As for Julies picks, I think Im going to love it and Im going to be sharing what I got just in case anyone is wondering if it is worth getting. so far, so good.


Hi Julie, you have a point about the skirt but you know Im going to get fabric for the whole suit, if you are going to fail at least do it in a big way, lol. Do you think you will get that pattern, is it on your wish list?


I get Julie's picks and really like it so far. I've bought a lot of fabric through them and think they have some of the best deals. I have WAY too much fabric though and need to slow down. Lol. I'm being much more selective lately with my purchases. Not cause I don't want to though!

I love the jacket / skirt pattern! It really has some great details. I hope you make it. Why don't you make jackets?

Speaking of patterns, have you seen the new Vogue patterns? Lol what am I saying? I'm sure you have. Do you plan to write a blog on them? I'm interested in your take on them.


Hi Sharon,
Its 4:20 am in the morning and Im reading this comment, you know I am on the Vogue website right now, lol. Thanks for letting me know, Ive been so busy lately, its hard to keep up but YES, I will be doing a post on it so stay tuned and you will be seeing that I got from Julies picks. Did you get the August Mailer as yet, SWOON! So much to love, when does the new fabric go up on the website for order?


Hi Faye, I am a total mess when it comes to that simplicity pattern. Yesterday I saw a Nanette Lepore Double sided jacket 100% cotton, ivory and black dotted on one side and black on the other for that suit. I cant even talk myself out of it, Im so in love. Pray for me :)


Hi Toy. Yes, I received I the new mailer and there are some cute,cute fabrics in it. I've marked the few I'm allowing myself to consider.:) the fabric goes on sale on the first day of each month. In the meantime, we're relegated to drolling. Haha


I resisted Julie's picks until this year. I believe it's $25 and you get a coupon for $25 off an order, so it's virtually free since I spend so much at Fabric Mart. I have only ordered one fabric so far from the picks and haven't made it up yet. I'd say it's a wash. I probably won't renew: I have a wall of fabric already!


Hi Carole

My fair is that I would buy even more fabric as the months
go buy than I would in one trip to the garment district, which is not what I
want to do. I dont have a wall of fabric but I have a big container. I like
CJD4521 the Nanette lapore double sided jacketing and the CJD4537 the lace
ponte knit.

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